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Web Hosting

A Web Hosting Service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Mahrashtra Infotech does provide internet space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data centers.

Web Hosting is forms an integral part of the website design and development process. A powerful web hosting server backed up by 24/7 hosting technical support will give your website the necessary strong foundation.

Our web hosting servers function 24x7x366, perform 24x7x366, and with an ease of use, they give various comprehensive web hosting packages - many cheap and affordable web hosting packages to choose from. The goal is to make your website functional, user-friendly, and welcoming in order to attract business.

Features of our Web Hosting Servers

User-Friendly Control Panel

The control panel is where you create and manage domains, sub domains, databases, shopping carts, and anything else that managing a functioning website requires. If you cannot navigate around your own website and manage your own account, there is no problem. We will provide you with a sample web hosting control panel before you subscribe to our web hosting plans which comes with a ease of use and user-friendliness.

We offer 'Cpanel', which is one of the most popular control panel software for Linux hosting servers and 'Plesk', which is one of the most popular control panel software for Windows hosting servers.

POP3 E-mails and Aliases

POP3 e-mails and aliases are the most commonly used e-mail protocol on the Internet and they are very easy to maintain. User-friendly, your e-mail address using this type of internet/intranet mail usually has an address of yourname@yourdomain.com that is set up for you by your web hosting package.

FTP and Virtual FTP

Uploading files one by one on the web hosting control panel can be cumbersome; hence, our web hosting service offers you FTP or Virtual FTP options. These allow you to upload multiple files onto your website server at once.

Automated Backups of your Data

The hosting server offers you automated scheduled backups of your website to make sure your data is live at all times, even if unfortunately, there is server failure. These back-ups may come to you at an extra cost.

Web Statistics

Knowing how many people are actually visiting your website is a must for any website owner. Your web hosting package includes web statistics that count each unique visitor to your site, overall traffic, entry and exit page numbers, and length of each visit, how deep into the site they went while there, the IP addresses of your visitors including their geographical location, and any other data that is deemed useful for your SEO. This feature is essential since it shows keyword searches so you know whether or not your keyword search engine optimization is working properly.

PHP and MySQL Support

PHP is a scripting language that you or your website designer will use to develop your site and embed into HTML coding. Our web hosting package offers technical support for both of the above utilities for free. You may not completely understand how it works, but trust us when we say you definitely want to have it included.

Webmail and SMTP

Having a web-based e-mail is handy in keeping your website related e-mails separate from all of your others. This is included with Linux web hosting packages and comes with an address book, text editor, spell check, and the usual features that can find with the most web-based e-mail services. The SMTP support is also included, wherein you'll be able to set up your webmail so that it downloads into e-mail software such as Outlook Exppress, MS Outlook or Eudora. Otherwise you'll just have to check it online.

Although, this feature is not included in the Windows web hosting packages which also come with the usual features.

SPAM Filter

Our web hosting package includes robust SPAM filters. These SPAM filters will help you cut down the amount of time you spend sifting through the junk and looking for the important e-mails. Although, there is no thorough solution to eradicate SPAM mails by 100%.

HTTPS (SSL) Protection

This is extremely important if your website is a retail site that will be taking orders from customers. SSL protection is how orders and personal information are encrypted and secured so that customers can rest assured that all of their information is safe. These features come at an extra cost, consider purchasing an SSL certificate and asking us to install it on your website for you.

Security Shell

Security shells such as telnet or SSH helps protect your access to your account. It will allow you to zip, unzip, change file permissions and run programs on the server in addition to offering sub domain subsections. These are usually used when you have shopping cart software installed on your site and you should never launch your retail website without one. We have it.

We do our best to offer you great pricing, excellent web hosting affiliate programs and top-notch support, hence, we are an obvious choice for your nline business identity.